Ceramists & Artists
Ceramists & Artists

In their desire to create a product that makes a difference, Pulvis Art Urns supported the concept of a group of artists, ceramists and sculptors, who designed and created models, which are far more than just traditional urns.


Our handmade ceramic urns are professionally designed and handcrafted with great attention to each and every detail. The process of turning the idea into a high quality memorial item is long and compound and the manufactured products are a subject to a manual quality check on various aspects. Our products are made only from high quality ceramic and are remarkable for their exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influence, achieved by firing them at 1200 degrees centigrade. The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing a high quality and aesthetics of the urns. 




Mihail Mihaylov is a third-generation Bulgarian ceramist, widely known for his sculptures, beautifying many Bulgarian cities. The extraordinary design and profound symbolism is what distinguishes Mihail’s work as a true piece of art. Mihail is a leading ceramists at Pulvis Art Urns with over 30 years of experience.


Alexander Yuzev is a widely recognized conceptual artist with a vast portfolio of international exhibitions in Bulgaria and Europe. As a graduаte of The National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Alex has more than 15 years of experience with concept and modern art, earning many honours and awards. His long-standing mutual work with Mihail is what stands behind the original idea of Pulvis Art Urns.


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Pulvis Art Urns

Our initial idea is to create urns that imply the feeling of experiencing art. With great attention to detail, the plastic art forms are entirely hand-made of high quality ceramic, produced according to the recipes of Pulvis Art Urns' technologists.