"The Holy Mother" - keepsake - transparent

  • Cat No: HM-S-02
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Sealing the urns
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Art Keepsake Urn for Ashes - "The Holy Mother" - transparent



Ceramic keepsake urn 



With great attention to detail, the plastic art forms are entirely hand-made of high-quality ceramic materials, produced according to the recipes of Pulvis Urns Arts’ technologists. The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which aims at providing a high quality and aesthetics of the urns. This beautiful keepsake is a great addition to the large size urn.


The soft folds of the Holy Mother keepsake evoke the image of a hand gently holding a flame. The candle in the center of the keepsake urn symbolizes the endless love of the Holy Mother, a tender reminder in difficult times. This keepsake makes a beautiful accompaniment to the larger Holy Mother ceramic urn, or a thoughtful way to share the ashes of your loved one. The flame from the candle reflecting off the glossy white ceramic gives an angelic impression, creating a peaceful memorial for the loved one that brought so much comfort to your life.



0.5 Litres (29 cu in)
0.650 kg (1.43 lbs)
10.5x13x12.5 (hxwxl in cm), 4.1x5.1x4.9 (HxWxL in inches)
Company Details

Company Details: 


"Pulvis" Ltd.


BULSTAT Unified Identification Code (UIC): 204392344


VAT : BG204392344


Contact adress : Yantra #12 street,Sofia,1124, Bulgaria. 


Contact details : +359 88 345 9880 / art@pulvisurns.com


Registered office: Preki Pat #22 street, Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria.


Sealing the urns

Additionally you can order an adhesive for sealing, which is helpful if you like to seal the urn permanently. The price for the adhesive is €16 with VAT and delivery included.


Loctite HY 4070 is an universal construction adhesive and sealant with fast final strength build-up for bonding, fixing and sealing funeral urns.This type of adhesive is suitable for ceramic urns.


Please, note that we recommend sealing our large urns with adhesive(glue), suitable for ceramic surfaces. This is done in order to prevent spilling of the ashes. Ceramic lids do not close tightly, which may lead to spill of the ashes, if not sealed.




Apply glue evenly to the lid and tool within 8 minutes using a moistened sealant smoother, or finger. The glue may take longer (up to two days) to full tighten. Note that once sealed it will be hard to open the lid again, without damaging the urn. Please use with caution, keep away from kids and follow the instructions on the adhesive package.



Our keepsakes do not need sealing as the lid fits very tightly to the urn. However, if you decide to seal the keepsake, you may follow the instructions above.


Processing & Delivery



The time we need to process your purchase is 2 business days. We start preparing the shipment, immediately after the purchase is made.


Delivery time & costs for Europe :


To Europe and UK we use Standard door-to-door shipping by DPD group - 5 to 7 business days - €29.99


Delivery time & costs - Wordwide (excluding Europe) :


Worldwide Economy Shipping (excluding Europe) takes between 5 to 23 business days (depends on location) - €49.99


For more information please, visit the "Delivery" tab, situated in the footer of the website. 

About our urns

More Than Ordinary Cremation Urns


Pulvis Art Urns are far more than the traditional cremation urns for ashes. Our product's quality is proven, as we choose only the finest materials for creating the finest premium class urns for our customers and their loved ones.


Process Of Making a Pulvis Art Urn


The process of making a Pulvis Art Urn is elaborate and time-consuming, going through different phases - designing and sketching on paper, prototyping with soft clay and crafting a plastic mold, which is then used for the production of unglazed models, called "bisque". Our urns are fired at exactly 1200 degrees Celsius, giving them exquisite hardiness and resistance to atmospheric influences.The various palette of colours is especially worked out by a team of artists and laboratory assistants, which results in a unique glaze patterns and motifs.


Pulvis Art Urns Dedication


All of this is made with a lot of passion, dedication and mostly honour to our customers and their loved ones, because we believe that art is the finest way to honour the memory of a loved one. We believe that you will find our products worthy of keeping the ashes of your loved one, and we hope that we can be helpful in this heart wrenching and difficult time.