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We are delighted to announce that Pulvis Art Urns is a IAOPCC supplier member. Our portfolio of products will be shown at IAOPCC Annual Conference which takes place at Chicago, Illinois on September 22 - September 24, 2022.

Pulvis Art Urns - Supplier Member of IAOPCC

The name Pulvis evokes the brilliance of ceramics, the wonder of design, and the radiance of glazes. In their desire to create a product that makes a difference, Pulvis Art Urns supports the concept of a group of artists, ceramists and sculptors, who design and create models, which are far more than just traditional urns for ashes. Find a variety of handmade urns for ashes, keepsakes and pet urns. 

Pulvis Art Urns - A member of IAOPCC. Handmade Pet Urns for Ashes

Pulvis Art Urns Founders



The International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories (IAOPCC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the standards, ethics, and professionalism of pet cemeteries and crematories around the world. With Members in more than 15 countries, we are the Recognized Leader in the Pet Aftercare Profession!


The IAOPCC represents the gold standard in both business and ethics in the aftercare industry. Being an IAOPCC Member assures your clients that they are dealing with a reputable provider offering the finest in aftercare for their pet.

Unprecedented and historical first

The IAOPCC is the only organization with published recommended procedures for every step of the pet cremation process, including, transportation, each type of pet cremation, readily retrievable records, facility standards and continuing education for pet crematorium staff members.

Following five years of study and research, these Accreditation standards, processes, and program of inspections were rolled out in January of 2014 across the United States, Canada, and worldwide to its Members.



Pet Cremation Urns by Pulvis Art Urns

Pet Cremation Urns by Pulvis Art Urns



  • We pledge to uphold the highest standard, always striving to raise the level of the profession.
  • We will perform all services in a dignified manner showing the compassion,sympathetic understanding, and genuine concern required.
  • We will respect the confidence of every family need.
  • We will provide adequate cemetery and crematory facilities, maintain them to the best of our ability, keeping in mind our cemetery/crematory reflects all pet cemeteries/crematories.
  • We will not use any method of advertising, sales presentation or persuasion which conceals, evades, or mis-states a material fact.
  • We will comply with all federal, state, local and provincial laws.
  • We will maintain our own Individual price policy
  • We will maintain adequate burial, cremation and financial records.

As a supplier member, Pulvis Art Urns profile in IAOPCC, contains all the necessary information of the company, including contacts, products and business details. IAOPCC Supplier members are also listed by the products and services offered to the marketplace.



Join us in helping families honor the memory of their loved ones and pets through art!

Our Affiliate Program is now available. at https://www.pulvisurns.com/pages/affiliate-program-by-pulvis-art-urns

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